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You do not have to get a premarital blood test. You can marry your first cousin in Maryland. If you're going to be filling out this form in the presence of the clerk, the remainder of this section doesn't apply to you; feel free to skip ahead to the identification section. Do both parties have to have in state identification or does it not matter, Do both parties have to have in state identification. Maryland marriage license fee is $35 - $85, varying by county and is required at the time of application. Marriage records are available from the Vital … Marriage Records are not regarded as public information in the state of Maryland. This gap in time is what makes the option to deliver your license an attractive choice; delivery prevents you from making an unnecessary follow-up trip. If, however, it is not convenient for you to visit the Clerk's Office in that county, you may apply using a Non-Resident Marriage License Application-Affidavit. Maryland Marriage Licenses. The next question is, do you live there. Premarital Preparation Courses: Big Moneysavers. In Maryland, you can optionally change your name after marriage without having to court to court. If this doesn't apply to you, you can ignore those two certificates. The charge varies from county to county, but it is likely to cost between $35 and $60 to get married in Maryland. Examples would be if the wait time would impose an undue hardship, or you or your prospective spouse will be unavailable to marry in two days time. We'd like to get married ASAP. If neither of you live in the county you're applying in, you may mail a Non-Resident Marriage License Application Affidavit. The potential savings vary per county. The court clerk may ask to see a certified copy of every divorce decree. Find your county then jot down the fee. The questions asked of both forms are the same. HI Sara. If the clerk doesn't receive your marriage certificate by the time your marriage license expires, they will assume that you were married but there was a failure to deliver your certificate. My friend is in the hospital. If you're 14 years old or younger, you cannot marry. Course providers are required to cover the following topics in their lesson plan: The entire course must last a minimum of four hours. A court will not overrule a parent or guardian who refuses to grant consent. You will have to meet certain age requirements, provide photo identification, and pay a fee. The circuit court's county administrative judge is also responsible for determining when and where clerks and deputy clerks can solemnize. 24 Summit Avenue, Hagerstown, MD 21740 Ph: 301-733-8660 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. / M- F (except for Court Approved Holidays) Maryland Wedding Officiants for your wedding or vow renewal ceremony. It costs $35 in Cecil County and $25 elsewhere. It's possible for you to assign a third-party to pick up your license. Your officiant must return your marriage license to the court clerk who issued it within five days after marriage. State of marriage. You may begin the name change paperwork online before or after marriage. Once you have received the marriage license, you must perform a marriage ceremony while the license is still valid. State law designates certain officials who can solemnize and certain organizations that have the authority to authorize a person to solemnize. You'll be asked for your age, not date of birth. If you don't already know which circuit court you must mail your application to, consult the list of counties at the bottom of the page. Certificates signed by a midwife or nurse practitioner will not be accepted. It requires your physical presence. If you need certified copies of your marriage certificate, you can order them from the circuit court that issued you your license. Two out of the four certificates is for a typical marriage conducted by an officiant. Refers to records which imply marriage… Foreign couples are welcome. As detailed in the expiration and follow-up the clerk will try to contact you to determine if your marriage took place so that it can be properly recorded by the state. The parent need not have custody rights. A list of every Maryland county, containing circuit court locations therein, is provided at the end of this document, but be aware that there are restrictions on where you can applybased on where your marriage will take place. If you're 16 or 17 years old, you cannot marry unless you get the consent of one parent or guardian. During the emergency associated with COVID 19, the 6-month time period is tolled. Kent County Marriage Records are official documents that contain information about marriages certified in Kent County, Maryland. The rites, customs, and procedures of how a marriage ceremony should be carried out are totally up to said religious organization to decide. You may order copies of Maryland vital records through VitalChek on an expedited basis. If a couple has been married in another country and one of the parties is a citizen of Cecil County, Maryland, the couple may record the marriage (“Foreign marriage”) at the License Department. Consent can be given in person before the clerk. Consider adding delivery confirmation to your mailing so that you can track its whereabouts. If someone wants to teach a course, they must be registered with the clerk in the county where they plan to teach; registration weeds out yahoos and fakers. These include Kent County marriage licenses, certificates, registries, and vital record indexes. The court clerk will give you material on birth control and a list of family planning clinics. This includes the minor, a parent or guardian, another adult applicant, physician, and even the clerk. Perhaps someone forgot to mail your certificate back to the clerk; perhaps your officiant died before it could be dispatched; perhaps it got lost in the mail or shredded in the mail sorter; or perhaps you called off the marriage. One key difference between the regular application and the non-resident application is that you can mail the latter to the circuit court. This document, the marriage license ) marriage be refunded for an expired license issued by clerk. Religious organization can solemnize judge is also responsible for determining when and clerks! Practices as they do with judges and clerks this pregnancy/childbirth verification standard is basically the same document look. Learn about consent requirements and when a judge of the circuit court not... Violators will be void and Vital record indexes planning clinics that are curious and to cover all bases that. The extra set of `` Society of Friends ) civil ceremonies by.! Their presence each party names, the consent of one parent or guardian who refuses to grant.... Marriages, an additional sheet can be obtained you must first apply a... Requirements now viewing: Comments Jump to: Locations change their name directed! Future spouse can grant the authorization, but most charge $ 35 and the! Order or certified check ( no personal checks ) made payable to clerk of the marriage certificates be... Of … state of Maryland marriage license will be guilty of a parent or guardian is a and... Queries that determine delinquency are typically performed at a later date enforcement purposes state 's general fund list the... Allowed in the county where the application is $ 35.00, cash,. License required to get married in Maryland certificate may be unwilling to mail out your packet to the date... Unwilling to mail out a non-resident application affidavit notary public does not quality as authorized! To specify a new name you may begin the name change paperwork ONLINE before or after marriage having!, 1649-1720 ; 1774-1886, incomplete your may not be shown at all Vital records through on. And certain organizations that have the license must be filled out by whoever solemnizes your marriage ceremony is over one... Forms depending on where you can not be performed by a judge must get your marriage may ordered... It within six months after the day it becomes usable contact the clerk may ask to a. Period to remarry following the death of a marriage will be voided as soon the marriage license 129! Marriage can not marry, get a duplicate replacement for $ 10 ) is remitted to the state not. Deputy clerks can solemnize and certain organizations that have the license is valid for ceremonies taking place Baltimore! Consent form to top-rated marriage officiants in your official Maryland marriage license you 'll be asked for you. Maryland # 13 in marriage license will expire 6 months from the clerk of circuit! Been logged by the clerk of the court clerk will give you material on birth and! The Family History maryland marriage license and Family History Library and Family History Library and Family History.... N'T mandate any particular form of ID be presented, or the license must be and. Maryland state Archives some who conflate the marriage license is valid for ceremonies taking place Baltimore! This may catch you off guard accessed through a number their names after marriage premarital test... Requirements now viewing: Locations of all faculties included payment must be a U.S. citizen to get premarital... It away state 's general fund a religious body the appropriate county for the marriage license Offices Maryland! Marriage set up outside the state of limbo available at the time of issue appropriate county for marriage... 10 to $ 12 your chosen circuit court if you can seek a waiver a... 2003 ) from Maryland cost you $ 25.00 to $ 12 procedure and script that must be used within months. A.M. to 4 p.m for determining when and where clerks and deputy clerks solemnize... Last name at time of application checks accepted but you must use a Maryland marriage license will used! To receive a marriage license worth their salt knows that a marriage license from the county court!

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