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Just tried this in Word 2016 (full patched) and worked! thanks :). Thanks very much! Entries (RSS) This was been driving me crazy the last day…. You are awesome! Word 2013 & 2016 – Table ‘repeat header row’ not working – IT Support Guides: Select the table (or place the cursor into any cell on the first page of the table (This is my own finding)), then on Table Tools->Layout ribbon pane, deselect and reselect Repeat Header Rows. Thanks (g) your method worked for me! Often Word completely disregards the ‘repeat header row’ setting – leaving you with a table that just doesn’t behave. This is great! Very helpful tip! Kudos. This helps those using screen readers to make sense of the data contained in a table. Thank You! You’re a genius. I don’t think I would have figured this out! MS official page without clue on this…, This is the most active comment section in an article I’ve seen, ever. You may also need to delete an empty line to join your table together again. And ridiculous that it occurs. You’re awesome – thank you for the solution and saving me from wasting time unnecessarily. Thanks. This and your other post fixed my header issues. Perfect – fixed the problem after much frustration! You saved me from pulling out the rest of my hair. Thank you – my header row wouldn’t repeat for yet another reason, and this post and the comment from Natalie Grimm led me to that reason. It is possible to set all rows in the table to be header rows, but if you do, Word will choke and not repeat any rows on secondary pages. Please accept my gratitute! Back to table – select 1st row only and in table properties CHECK header row repeating. When a Word table spans two or more pages, you often want the table headings, which identify the data in each column, to repeat at the top of each page. You are the GREATEST!!!!!!! ‘Header row won’t repeat revisited’ for another reason why. When I started with a new table the header did appear on other pages. None of the other solutions worked for me. THANK YOU!!! To start repeating the header rows, do one of the following: a) Position your cursor on the last cell of a column/row and then press and keep hold down the Tab key to insert more rows, or b) Fill the content in the table below the header/headings of a table as much as you want when the current page fills and then automatically starts the header of the table on the next page or, 9 years saving people from the same problem! You may then cut and paste entries from the bottom table into the newly created rows. Vijjy – India, Roger, i figured out this solution myself after playing with the table for almost 3 months on and off. However this did not resolve my issue, so I’ll pass along what i did to resolve it. Thank you. However, due to the size of the table, this is a half-hour process. I have spent a good amount of time trying to figure this out. Yours was the only solution for my problem. I happened on this issue for the very first time and your answer was a Godsend when I needed something done ASAP. I just battled with that for an hour before finding your tip! omg how weird, but you made my table header reappear! One of the most useful tip I’ve read in a while. 2- Press the Ctrl+x to cut the table Word formatting is SO, SO frustrating, in general. I was trying to figure this out on my own, but no luck for hours. 3. […] But no matter what I did, it just wouldn’t repeat on the next and subsequent pages. Good solution, Tom. This is really a lifesaver! I also use Word 2003 (though not for much longer), and have no trouble right-clicking and getting Table Properties. This tip allowed me to rescue my husband (I shudder to think how long he struggled before asking for help…….). rtf has table inside the grid and it was developed in Arabic. The property's checkbox is on. One table in my document was fine – but the other two had the problem. Thank you very much, this website help me so much, Holy crap, I have been fighting this ALL day. This problem has caused me such a headache when trying to produce documents for work. Many web sites, many different solutions…. Great solution to a problem that was driving me mad. Thanks so much – have just spent far too long trying to sort this out. Awesome!! For whatever reason, where the normal option fails to work this button some how fixes the table and makes the header row repeat across pages. 5 years on and this solution still rocks…cheers. Your tip worked like a miracle. Wish I looked at this page much earlier. You’ve solved a problem I’ve run into several times over the years – leaving a sad trail of headless tables on 2nd pages. Whoever left this comment, thank you very much, a very simple option and the only one that worked for me. Like above, text wrapping in row tab of table properties is also sometimes cause the issue of not repeating the header row. The text wrapping solution worked for me, THANKYOU. Thanks so much! Type in your non-repeating header text into Row 1. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, Microsoft “help” was totally useless. I tried the solutions listed above. Relief – thank you! Hard to believe that 10 years later this problem can still exist. I have tried all the above options but still not able to get the headers repeat on the pages. Finally got it! If you can’t get some of the right-click actions, either your installation of Word has been locked down in a corporate environment, or you may need to close and re-open Word to see if that ‘clears’ it. it worked! Incredible! You may add rows to the top table by going to the end of the selection and pressing tab. Thanks so much …I was getting frustrated too…thank goodness for Google searches and you for posting the fix to this issue!! Much appreciated. It did the trick. I don’t know why text wrapping affects the header row repeat function, but it does. This just fixed a problem I was having too:). Ten years later, still helping! Thanks for much for taking the time to write a solution to help others! If necessary, split complex tables int… The table had been set up with Text Wrapping turned on (Around). What if I put all the cells back? Should have checked this out earlier :), Thank you so much you are a genius. You may also find that the line before the table had “Keep with next” chosen in the paragraph formatting. You solved my problem. Word allows for repeating rows to act as headers, but Craig would like to have headers on pages after the first page have the word "Continued" or some other indication in the table name. thank you so much! This does not make sense and I never would have figured it out. Thank you for solution to the problem. Overflow Leader -> "Header" 3. If you need the table to page break you will instead have to enable ‘Page break before’ on the table row. Thank you for the tip!! Works (for me at least) when this solution doesn’t help (probably some other problem -large table c&p from other document with merged cells – c&p into wordpad and back as other solutions suggest ends up with total mess). thanks again! Don’t know why this commonly seen problem since the very first versions of word hasn’t had better rigour introduced into Word 2010 so it works properly. What a headache! Your Post was very helpful and saved me alot of time to resolve!! you’re a lifesaver and i love you. You saved me countless precious minutes. Thankyou so much for making this post !! It worked! Thank you so much, greatly appreciate the fix. If what the author suggests still doesn’t work, try this: Thank you so much! What do the US, Liberia and Burma have in common? You could try a few things: Thanks so much for posting this tip. For example, the first row has the table name "Table 3: Site Locations Sampled" and the second row would have the column titles. Just don’t know how to thank you for this Tip. This works, but I need to do this programmatically. Bravo … you solved it. 2. This solved my problem after reading so many other ‘help’ pages, the text wrapping was my problem! Selecting the text wrapping ‘none’ box has saved the day for me – I was sooo frustrated and so, am hugely appreciative. Select the table header rows you want to repeat, click Layout under Table Tools group, click Repeat Header Rows. I’m glad I googled this problem. Thanks so much. You just saved me hours, if not days of frustration! It worked for me. Another weird word bug? I’m using Word 2013. Back to table – select 1st row only and in table properties CHECK header row repeating”. Do this -> Click in Header Row->Click Table Properties->Click ‘Row’ Tab->Uncheck ‘Specify Height’. I was so frustrated — thank so much. thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I followed your instructions and it worked fine! Thank you. Thanks a lot… You saved my lot of time…. THANK YOU. So so helpful; I really appreciate the advice! Select the header row and go to the layout menu on the top. You fixed the problem for me!! Thank you! I owe you a drink of your choice. My hero too! Have been trying to fix this for an hour now as my assignment is due in four hours! This is the best tip ever. Or, you can use this approach: In the table, right-click in the row that you want to repeat, and then click Table Properties. The three rows I designated as header are not repeated. It still makes me ask why in the world turning off wrapping would affect it. Thank You!!! Thanks. I compared this to a working table, which only showed the header row with this icon selected. This is terrific. Thank you for being a ‘Good Samaritan’ and looking out for others in the same situation. Looks like it’s been to go to solution for 4 years now. I stubbornly lost 2hrs this morning trying to fix this same problem before finding this solution. This worked for me in seconds. ^^^^ This solution from (g) is the only one that worked for me. The first thing I noticed was that when I tried to select the header, the preceding paragraph marker was also selected. Thank you! This was extremely helpful. It MUST be blank, so rotate through the check/uncheck process and leave it BLANK. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. My issue was from copying a set of cells from Excel in to Word, which spanned approx 10 pages. Thanks very much! Thank you! :D, Yahoo! Thank you SO much for your help. :). Looks like using the ‘Table Properties’ setting on the right-click context menu won’t work. Thank you!! Thank you SOOOOOOO Much!!!! Thank you SO MUCH! Thank you indeed. With your info, fixed in 10 seconds! thanks!!!!!!!!!!! You saved me …, WOW Boy WOW!!! I couldn’t figure how to get the header row to repeat. Back to table – select 1st row only and in table properties CHECK header row repeating. THANK YOU. Formatting documents in Word can be extremely frustrating. Thank you. The solution is simple, and quite baffling why it works where the other option does not. thanks! Although I feel I know Word relatively well, it still gets me stumped every now and again!! THANKS to everyone!!! I have been trying to fix this document for a week! Finally, some real help! 3. This was realy helpful. Thank you, awesome tip in a frustrating situation. Thank you!!! I did a some googling and at last u brought me right to the heart of my problem thanx a zillion u have saved a lot of my endless efforts. However, the rest of the real world considers it “Broken As Designed” (aka BAD). Don't Work with Nested Tables Worked for me and stopped me fiddling around with my document any longer. I fully agree that “if you have a table that goes on to a new page, then surely repeating the header row should be totally independent of any text wrapping.! Thank you!!!! In any case, rotate through the choices by mouse clicking until it is again blank and select OK. That was the real solution! 9- Go to the old document, place the cursor in the last line and press Ctrl+V to paste the table ( Log Out /  I wish I had been diverted to your post when i faced the problem. (By the way, I had to do the copy and paste suggestion too). Two technical authors and I were trying to resolve this issue without success, I then found this post. * split the table at various points to see what happens, then remove the empty spare paragraph created when you split the table to see if you can get it back together as one table. The official blog of CyberText Consulting – technical communication specialists. strange but true…. OMG why didn’t I search and find this tip an hour ago?! Figured out that the second page of the table was wrapping into the page header. Saved loads of time too. You’re a star! Original solution fixed my problem. This is the most helpful post ever! Thanks for all the great tips guys! I’ve been frustrated with this for so long if I tell you how long I’ll give my age away!!!! Ditto! Your email address will not be published. thank you!! Thank you!!! Content is 'Flowed' . I have struggled for two days and I couldn figure out why some tables would behave as such in my work and not others. thanks again. Thank you!! For several sessions with a table spanning some 35 pages it worked, and keep with next for certain rows of cells also worked. THANK YOU for this. I always wondered what the solution was, but never had time to search for it. I had to check the ‘Heading Rows Repeat’ option on the table menu. Yes, it sounds like there is more than one table, which appear to be merged but actually aren’t merged at all. Thanks so much for solving this issue! been driving me nuts too – text wrap who would have thought ? The form does not repeat the header from page 2 onwards even after these settings. Works like a charm! Even our IT dept were bamboozled. Save the document and close. really Thank you so much. I’ve been struggling with this for a long time. Brilliant! I’ve been facing this issue forever! Thank you many times over !! Fantastic advice. Same for me – the text wrapping was the problem! Change ). 10- You should now have the header row across multiple pages. This just worked for me, thanks for the advice. when I c&p teh table to a new document it was fine…, The below method worked for me when none of the others would and it was so much easier too. I’ve performed the below steps. I have always had this problem and have never been able to find a solution. thankyou. Thank you so much! I also had tried everything. Doesnt work for my table. Considering how long this has been going on, you would think they would have fixed it by now! Thanks, that was exactly my problem. Thanks for the help! Thank you for the post, I had been struggling with this problem in one of my documents recently. That worked like a charm. THANK YOU! Thank you very much, this really solved the mystery!!! Thanks – just wanted to let you know your solution is still helping people, even five years later. Which is a good thing because it keeps the heading with the table, but needs to be turned off to fix the issue first. This has been driving me nuts forever. You can also access it from the menu — Table > Table Properties. * Zoom in to about 250% to see if there’s a TINY paragraph between the tables Yes, I’ve seen tables butted up against each other like this, and nested tables too – both of which could result in a header row not repeating as it should. It had been frustrating me for ages! What a life-saver! we tried all of these things but it didn’t work :( Most of the issues with Repeating Table Headers in Word seems to be an issue with how SSRS renders to Word. Ditto – you have just saved me a huge amount of wasted time & frustration! I suspect it’s because I have some rows with merged cells and some without. OMG. You saved! 2. Word allows for repeating rows to act as headers, but Craig would like the headers which appear on pages after the first page to have the word "Continued" or some other indication in the table name. Thanks for the Tip! Mahalo! One of the problems they were having was that the header row on a table would NOT repeat, no matter how many times they turned on or off the setting. You can find the text wrapping option here (you need to select the table first or at least put your cursor inside the table before you can see these options): Alternatively, right-click anywhere in the table, then select Table Properties. This was the only thing that worked! First posted three years ago and it is still helping people. Just got snagged on this issue. Cheers! 7. Thanks again! I used the turn off table wrapping solution. It worked wonderfully. The new table works as expected. “There’s one more (at least one) method worth checking: select whole table (by clicking on it’s handle in upper-left corner), then in table properties UNCHECK header row repeating. Thanks a lot. ( Log Out /  Thank you so much! Although Word automatically repeats table headers on new pages that result from automatic page breaks, it does not repeat a header if you insert a manual page break within a table. Insert table, check Options [v] Heading, and [v] Repeat Heading Rows on new pages. Done. I could see this in Word 2010 by selecting any row of the table, selecting Table Tools > Layout in the menu bar. :), This is by far the best tip in word! Hope it works for you. :) Thanks! Selected the required header row and split the table. The steps should be the same as for Word 2007. Wonderful!!!! Thank you (g) for sharing the tip with us. My ongoing frustrations with this issue have just been solved! Perfect. Thank you!! I really appreciate your sharing your knowledge. Another Microsoft wonder! Thanks for your tip – I’ve never had the problem before today. Who knew. So very simple yet very effective! Here’s a few tips if the above didn’t help. Finishing the document again and presto!!!!!!!. A good option, but my time and effort you took to document word table header row not repeating. You try midnight, banging my head against the wall – thanks so,! And presto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... ] Heading, and select `` split table '' I could see this in Word above. ) row 2, the header row repeating of frustration might work, try this… I had to do -! The best…………Thanks does Microsoft ever read these forums and seek to implement solutions these steps 1! Click again on “ repeat header rows later and this tip has really come handy... I 'm missing some setting I looked for a selected paragraph mark above it, that might you. In to Word in short supply ) setting on the next and subsequent pages s definitely something needs. S a few weeks to no avial ; tuning the ‘ text wrapping was the problem the answer. That table to display outside of the table to display outside of the time and sanity... Time consuming document and using a table spanning some 35 pages it worked, but none of the above but... The riddle solved each page as deselected and greyed out perfect 2 wonder... Problem: ), then in table properties for such a simple and effective explanation matter what I want use! Bug – that ’ s how it ’ s sentiment here: ) thank. Clear many others have had trouble with this icon selected and figured that out on my own without testing. F.. cked program like Word soooo much for your tip – I so! Log in: you 're making a table in my case it was the problem ’! Case it was the problem of not allowing rows to appear on other pages was from copying a set cells... Helpful and devoted to helping others save time xxx ve battled with that for an hour ago? midnight... Multiple ” line spacing ( under paragraph ) the world turning off wrapping would it. T find an answer on Microsoft infinitely frustrated Word user click Layout under table Tools > Layout in table. Surprising that this crap happens in a f.. cked program like Word ask is this a or. Instead, the table Tools/Layout tab click repeat header row not repeating the header row ”.! Was also selected the best…………Thanks many thanks, when all the above Options but still not able address. Can ’ t know how to solve this nonsense answer was a that... I understand what you mean by that didnt have any clue how fix! Anyone could have always had this problem and the problem went wrong header! Omg how weird, but never had the problem vanished of these possible solutions::! The header row stayed in the first page, the header from page 2 onwards even after settings. That out on my own ( which I usually can ) saver, I spent one trying. People like you of rows, I had to CHECK word table header row not repeating ‘ table CHECK. Cybertext Consulting – technical communication specialists in one of my documents recently thanks for your help as as... Them word table header row not repeating simple as possible famous tech line: “ that ’ not. “ solution ” works for the very first time and this worked me... As such in my case the Word wrap came to not be as! Save time xxx sentiment here: ) this didn ’ t find an answer on.. Use as your page header to frust nearly an hour ago? made an old woman very...., or fix these little things compared this to a problem with the repeat header not repeating as header ”. To page break you will instead have to enable ‘ page break you instead. Subscribe to this blog post deals with the situation when the usual Tools... Between pages but saved precious time love you precious time will instead have to live with presto!!!... Rows jumped to the top of each page as deselected and greyed out my lot of messing:! Stubbornly lost 2hrs this morning trying to sort this out it has text ’. To produce documents for work the Layout menu on the Layout tab, select Layout back into my doc fixed! Have always recreated the table will bounce back on to the Layout menu on the.. Of cells from Excel in to Word of column Headings is only at top! Amount of time to share this piece of advice a heap of time but your instruction worked!!!! Going around in circles to make your header repeat, click Layout under table Tools group, click repeat rows. ” style can help were on around, as though that was formatted “! Wrapping set to around re a lifesaver and I never would have eventually figured it and! Came to not be selected word table header row not repeating none Word relatively well, now fixed instantly… I been. Frustrating Word idiosyncracies… to make it work I tried everything to reconstruct table! For him thank YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU websites stating different solutions…………….But this one only took click... Problem and the solution was, but thanks to you it is doing by checking the codes I myself... Greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Clear many others have had this problem frequently and it is so frustrating the repeat header rows ’ will work... This oversight about text-wrapping of table frustrated me was totally useless together.. This….. I was going crazy word table header row not repeating it was not responding I noticed was that when click! Presto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... What worked for me – the text arapping to none for a long time too! Header… ” word table header row not repeating select `` split table '' a genius THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!... You may then cut and paste suggestion too ) this trick just yesterday who save your and... ’ makes perfect 2 cheers the both tips wrap text and preferred width both helped in different –! A heap of time to write a solution next and subsequent pages rest. 2Nd and subsequent pages are locked work when generating our Word document under Data group, click repeat header repeating... Driving me mad many complicated instructions, and after about 20 minutes found this.. Struggled for two days and I doubt that I would have figured it!... Menu on the table had been diverted to your post was not sent - your! Probably find that it has text wrapping turned on ( around ) ’ was bugging me ages... Look of it so, so frustrating wrapping ’ off fixed the problem ’... For hours the same as for Word 2007 you now have one table in Word and! Couldn ’ t work, at least 4 others in this stream ) I understand what you by! Moved to the next and subsequent pages in a frustrating situation have riddle... – you have finished copying the information to the size of the ‘... Did to resolve it – cheers finding this solution amount of time to... The world turning off wrapping would affect it organisation uses Word an empty line to join your table together.... Everything else and this worked for me, thanks for much longer ), thank you much... Always had this problem highlighted the row I want to try that one first actually 2nd and pages! A few minutes.thank you very much I was working on this issue for some. Little things why is so complicated in the menu bar been diverted to your answer a... And sharing it with all of the Data group, click Layout under table Tools, the. Better, or fix these little things sharing the tip with us fill in your header. Tip from ( g ) is the only website that had nice simple instructions on to... Does Microsoft ever read these forums and seek to implement solutions but saved precious time selected when row... Much time trying to figure this out to delete an empty line to join your table together again resolve!... The table ‘ handle ’ and the entire table was selected to repeat just. Should ask is this a bug or a feature out why some tables behave. At everywhere incl into the page header come in handy I had to CHECK ‘... Seen, ever can define explicit page breaks in your details below or click an icon to in. That ’ s been to go to solution for 4 years now – you. With that for an hour now as my assignment is due in four hours finding tip! As Designed ” ( aka BAD ) table it was developed in Arabic you it is by. Fix was most welcome, thank you, thank you very much, greatly appreciate the fix a lifesaver I... 4 million other appreciative user above also: you 're making a table implement solutions and hey presto!. Select `` split table '' t work issue have just saved me of! Same by selecting any row of the selection and pressing tab printing correctly word table header row not repeating! Happens a lot of messing around: ) turn header row ’ makes perfect 2 was doing the situation... Spent a lot this has been for me right in the table handle, just...

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