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Wow I am soooo glad I read these reviews. Had a problem, terrible customer service. What a joke. I have been trying to return the unit for several weeks now and the customer service has been terrible. It is decently priced below 200 and is the best Emeril Lagasse air fryer 360 available in a strict budget range. If you have a problem like missing parts call them. the chicken does not crisp up like my power air fryer does. I spent over $200 on this junk! You may then place the dishwasher-safe accessories in your dishwasher for easy cleaning. I am interested in purchasing the 360XL, but have one question if you would be so kind as to measure the length of the rotisserie rod from tip to tip, and describe and/or photo the two ends. amzn_assoc_title = "My Amazon Picks"; The solution to this problematic situation is found in best air fryer reviews. All accessories are dishwasher safe making cleaning quick and easy! Food And Drink. Amazon is $200 which is weird because I always assume they have the best prices. Lesson learned, I will never purchase anything again from one of these cheesy infomercials, emeril involved or not. Bottom Lines. Enjoy air frying at its best with Chef Emeril Lagasse. When the pie I am cooking is done, I will let it cool off, clean it and then ship it back. It does replace your convection oven in certain situations, but not when you're required to cook large quantities of multiple items at once or birds larger than 15 lbs. Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for EmerilLagasse Part #: 752356827373 on this page. 11 of 13 people found this review helpful. the secret is the 5 heating elements with 360° air flow technology Emeril Lagasse's Power AirFryer 360 gives you the convenience of a countertop convection oven that can roast for large families and gatherings, air fry golden crisp French fries without oil, and … Came into my computer and saw all the negativity about this air fryer. I suspect they are cleaned up, re-packed & shipped out as "NEW" once again! Oh well, I suppose you get what you pay for. I can only find the 360. Yes, the air fryer basket is dishwasher safe. There's an accessory page to order the cookbook and additional trays. If you are not one who reads directions or expects it to do everything for you then this may not be the air fry you need. Sill, it is near a stove- a no-no. And again 3 weeks ago. 17 of 20 people found this review helpful. The length of the power cord is 3' 4" long, so make sure to place the fryer within a distance of a power outlet. Emeril air fryer will keep the temperature of your kitchen down. Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360 XL, 30 Day Review. Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360 weighs 19.9 lb. Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for EmerilLagasse Part #: 752356827373 on this page. I returned mine at a cost of $67.00! I will never again do this again! Answer: The right way to get a hang of it is to follow the instruction manual thoroughly. Here we are 6 weeks later, still, no rotisserie called again, and they can't provide the item. Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse believes everyone should have the custom cooking capabilities he enjoys in his restaurants, right at home. If you like half English and half Indian speaking agents who double talk you, his is the right site for you. I can't believe Emeril put his name on this product. Thanks for the reviews. Almost everyone has seen the commercial about the Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360, created by the celebrity chef we all know and love.These infomercials are everywhere, and they’re difficult to ignore. It can also be used as a convection oven when cooking small to medium-large meals. You won’t find it in other smart air fryers. Are also exaggerated & Deceiving. For the rotisserie, don’t try to cook a chicken of more than 4 pounds. the hotter inside the hotter the outside. I actually bought two 360's. You give it 5 stars but then say you regret buying it? Now, I mostly use it for toasting bread. Emeril Lagasse: Commercial-quality oven with a combination of 360° Quick Cook Technology and five super-powerful heating elements for the perfect cooking results. Emeril's name is on the product. Don’t expect them to read this thread. You can use the following pre-set functions: Airfry - to achieve maximum frying capability. The Emeril Lagasse 360 power air fryer is a product of the famous chef Emeril Lagasse. The Emeril Lagasse power air fryer 360 is one of the top latest models. amzn_assoc_asins = "B002ZVOLXE,B078YYPWLY,B00Q6EH7DW,B00GX9WNP2"; As an Amazon Associate I Earn From Qualifying Purchases. If you have already decided to get the Emeril Lagasse air fryer, I would say not so FAST! The same day it came in I baked 1 biscuit and an electrical fire happened within the unit. Getting used to how fast it cooks. After about 3 times using the whole inside turned brown. My husband ordered this for me for XMAS, and it was on back order. This appliance is a 9-in-1 gadget that allows you to perform multiple cooking functions like baking, reheating, toasting, roasting, etc. Look at the Cuisinart TOA-65 Looks so much better. Clean the inner wall and heating element using a small amount of nonabrasive soap and a nonmetallic sponge. Think twice before purchasing this oven. the hotter inside the hotter the outside. There was no book in mine either. Thanks. I think the prongs on the unit could have been designed a little more user-friendly. Review of the Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360 How Does the Power Air Fryer 360 Work. Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360 Reviews Have had the Air fryer for about 6 days so far and have used several of the functions. I will never use the spit again. So I wait weeks and nothing, call again only to be told my model was no longer available so they would send me a refund check instead of replacing it with the new air fryer 360 I wanted. https://www.tristarcares.com/product-power-airfryer-360.php. So far we have been very satisfied with everything we have tried. They refuse to promise ever getting me the part. Here are some of those ‘issues’ you should be aware of: Answer: Yes. The only issue she said she had was that it was on back order before she received it. My wife and I purchased our Air Fryer 360 from Kohls around July 2019. Whatever it says, it does exactly that. She was enticed by the fried chicken in the ad. Price is from As Seen on TV Commercial page: powerairfryer360.com. First of all, I ordered the 360 XL air fryer, when I received it, the baking rack was too large to fit into the oven, I called customer service & they said they would send out a new one, so what do they send me? Despite adequately tying up the chicken and following spit insertion instructions things did not go well. But for now, let’s see some of its key features and why you should get this too. 33 of 35 people found this review helpful. Possibly I received a bad one, but my spit does NOT "rotate" it just "tumbles" around at its own pace due to so much free play in mechanism! 13 of 13 people found this review helpful. Next, I tried using the rotisserie function for a 4 lb chicken I had brined overnight and then seasoned. What a horrible nightmare process it has been and now it is February 11, 2020, and I still have no replacement air fryer or a refund. Do not order this product! I want to try more things but need more information. Packaged nicely. Chef Emeril’s high-performance air fryer with built-in rotating rotisserie and food dehydrator is designed for superior, golden-crisp air frying; authentic, juicy rotisserie; traditional baking and roasting; at-home dehydrating; and much more. They mislead people about the microwave function. Search for: ... Set the Emeril Power Air Fryer 360 XL to 275° F., about 3 hours cooking time. Not too encouraging and btw I found another “As on TV” ad for an appliance that could be its twin selling from the company that sells the copper pans! . 12 of 19 people found this review helpful. The cabinet under it was so hot you couldn't touch it. With the purchase of either unit, you will have access to an online recipe video library. This is disappointing. I was also just going to order one, now I am SO glad I did not! You will also have access to a library of recipe videos online. It doesn't want to start anymore! This isn’t your ordinary air fryer. The sleek design will complement the beauty of your kitchen. I ordered two extra drip pans with my purchase of this product but never received them, instead, I was sent two extra baskets. I said they should Market this tin can as a Kohler 360 because it is a big fat smelly turd in a box! The top gets seriously hot. ... Place the Baking Pan on the Pizza Rack. This has not been said here. But my $40 toaster oven does that. Can I get the power air fryer in 220 volts AC? We as consumers must stand up for our rights. 14 of 14 people found this review helpful. Before cleaning the Power AirFryer 360 it is important to unplug the machine and make sure it has cooled completely. Bake - create delicious cakes, breads, and cookies. I think most of the complaints are sent in from competitors who don't want the competition. Just visited the website, emerilairfryer360.com. This is a piece of junk! Thank you guys for saving me 200.00 appreciate it! I called at least 5 times and I am told something different every time. I'm not going to run back and forth in my wheelchair to try to read every detail about this product when it's supposed to have a book in it to explain it to me! The product offers you a plethora of options to … Where did you order the 360XL? However, for added flavor, you can spray or coat your food with a bit of oil. Beware! Despite instructions, it takes a bit to get used to. I have to shove my frier basket several times hard before it will come on. Well you need to use the cooking tray to cook your 12 lb. Arrived very quickly. 10 of 11 people found this review helpful. Your email address will not be published. 20 of 21 people found this review helpful. I have used it ~3 x week, for only 2 mths, and the "CANCEL" button and "START/PAUSE" button words are GONE! I'm thinking he must really need the money! Please click 'Allow' then 'Allow' to receive notifications of new As Seen on TV items, Review Videos, and contest giveaways. Chicken fingers: Power AirFryer 360 - 250 calories vs deep fryer - 780 calories. Buy the Oster convection oven. The unit gets extremely hot and doesn't cook anything as advertised. Did you get a response? It has 5 heating elements along with 12 cooking functions. I called and was told reheat was the microwave, it is not. Bagel - perfectly toast all sides of your bagel in this machine. While the doors are open, the cooking cycle will pause, and resume when you've placed the food back in the fryer. I returned the first one because it did not beep when the cooking cycle was completed. Bought mine at Walmart. Crisper tray - to crisp up onion rings, french fries, chicken strips, and more. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; Emeril, you should be embarrassed by this piece of junk. – Read more at: + more customer reviews. You get much better results when you complain to the ATTORNEY GENERAL of your state, plus send a copy Of that to the Attorney General of the state that the merchandise was mailed from. It never adjusted for the second batch of toast, or another item, and kept pre-heating. 4.5 (350 Reviews) ... Nice air fryer oven, with a lot of options for use. Thank you for the info. Later to find out she already has one (different brand) called for a prepaid postage label, they offered me a50.00 credit off the price, but would not give me prepaided label to return. You can also Google air fryer recipes. For example, you can save nearly half an hour when cooking a whole chicken. As long as you have it, your microwave, toaster, and rotisserie oven will be completely useless! I asked for a supervisor in "corporate customer service". That's the same lie they told me 8 weeks ago. in a limited or zero amount of oil.. I read microwaves are lethal to your health so I Decided for an oven to replace it through the only thong this oven can't do is boiling water. View online ads, sizes vary,, WHY? That was not what I was told previously! Check Price on Amazon. Get silicon gloves to enjoy your chicken while it’s hot!eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'denresidence_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',110,'0','0'])); Many of the happy buyers totally disagree to call it only an air fryer. So what do you buy? Ripoff.com. Just have to admit that maybe, just MAYBE, the old ways are best! Just don't get this one. It has some amazing feedback from users on prominent online stores like Amazon. Additionally, as a bonus feature, you will also get Emeril’s Power AirFryer 360 Recipe Book. I believe something is wrong with it and need to get some help. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "kobial8-20"; Please send me a book ASAP! I was trying to make cheese toast and it failed. Overview of the Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360. As you won’t be needing many other small kitchen appliances due to this, it will save you some money for sure. I emailed the company and they tell me they only have one size. It’s very similar to the standard Power 360 air fryer. Sneakily business. They call it all-in-one simply because you can use it for your quick bites, holiday dinner, and a regular meal.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'denresidence_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',111,'0','0'])); It’s an air fryer, dehydrator, and rotisserie with 930 cubic inch capacity to take care of your large family. This would be for a Christmas gift THIS YEAR, so if you could reply by email to the above address ASAP, it would be most appreciated. The use of multiple racks means that you can cook up to 450% more food than traditional air fryers! Next time I see the Tooth Fairy I will ask her to get in touch with them for you. My oven decided to quit and I had a sour cream pound cake ready to go in the oven. Customer service is a real joy. Check prices and return pol I did before buying anywhere. Due to the compact size of the air fryer, there is no need to spend a lot of time pre-heating your oven. It got lots of compliments just for its chef-quality design & construction. Didn't arrive. 17 of 18 people found this review helpful. What is the difference between the Emeril 360 and 360 plus? I am so surprised that not one recipe came with this machine. For some, the control on the LCD display is a little bit confusing. I can just about guarantee you that something will go wrong. Read helpful reviews from our customers. The whole point of writing this in-depth Emeril Lagasse power air fryer 360 reviews is to provide you some vital information and feedback from other people so that you can make an informed decision. Crumbly pies are no longer a hard thing to do in summers with the Emeril Lagasse power Aifryer 360 in access. However, was shipped shortly the rotisserie spit and stand. Well, at least to many. Chicken, steak, pizza, fries, anything you can do with an oven you can do with this plus so much more. Do not buy! The charge was removed from my credit card as well. I hope this helps all who are looking to get this machine. Keep in mind, this will add calories to your meal. I was so excited to receive it. Don't be duped. I have learned my lesson. How do I get the two extra drip pans I paid for? Just came yesterday! Other than that, you will love everything else. I bought a similar "oven" and found it to be very difficult to do a rotisserie chicken. The rotisserie seemed flimsy, the air fryer didn't get food brown so what I had was a very expensive toaster oven. And these ovens come with no warranty whatsoever! You saved me my precious dollars! Although the units do not appear to take up a lot of space on the counter, it is important to note that you will need to leave extra space in the back for the vent. Very expensive mistake. I would recommend it if you are looking for an air fryer. I love gardening a lot! Frying. The Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360 gives you the power and versatility of an all-in-one air fryer and multi-cooker using seamless air flow combined with powerful, even heat. It does not have it. It is structured with five strapping warming components and a superheated, 360 ° air crisp flows. I used it occasionally and was ok with it. I am returning it again for a full refund. Reheat heats the oven. We are sure that you’re going to like the Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360 better than the Ninja Foodi. Tonight it will be fried chicken legs and sweet potatoes fries! Pretty expensive for something made in China. There is some question about capacity with 930 cui. This isn’t their website. Well if I thought this was a piece of Junk why would I give to a family or friend. The interior capacity is actually smaller than what you guess from the outside look of it. Hello, so, SAMS club sells the same model? Cooks most things nicely & quickly, HOWEVER: - Spit is just plain stupid! This air fryer is named after the famous chef Emeril Lagasse. Also, online purchase customer service is horrible. Pizza rack - designed to cook your pizza evenly on the top and bottom. Are there any other recipes that you can use besides the ones in the book that came with it? Start off by removing the dishwasher-safe accessories. Despite the fact that it comes with a crumb tray, there are always some crumbs on the sides of the oven. Really? I designed my home myself with the help of my beloved wife. Then the Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360 is a great appliance to pay close attention to. After a half an hour of trying to center the spit and inserting the tines into the chicken which do not easily enter the spit I got it together with thumbscrews hand tight. The reason is pretty simple. This thing is a piece of Junk. No, 110 only, don't make it for 220. I'm returning it at a cost of 35.00 but then there are other fees they charge for returning it so maybe I might get 100.00 back out of 207.00! I bought this XL oven type Power Air Fryer 360 yesterday, I opened the box this morning, it had plastic still on it which showed it hadn't been opened, which is good! My 90 year old mother ordered this unit from the TV infomercial. Emeril Lagasse, this machine took you down a notch! The official website contradicts the size of the units (www.powerairfryer360.com). The 360 plus air fryer is just a little bigger than the Emeril 360. The bottom line, we were taken in by a TV ad and misled. What should I do? I emailed Power Air Fryer and they are telling me there isn't an XL one. Go on Amazon. It does take a little trial and error to get things the way you like them but with a little practice, it has been great. I cook everything in it. 26 of 27 people found this review helpful. Turn on your oven, and your kitchen will be hot within a short time. By reading reviews of different air fryers, buyers can seek help in the selection. You won't have to worry about hot or cold spots in this oven! The glass door provides a large viewing area while the LCD panel shows the cooking information in an easy-to-see format. Is it the same Oven as seen on Emeril's show only larger? I ordered 2 of them from Emerils website for 25%off so $159 each. So today I take to mail back and it cost me $ 76.53 to ship this back! Horrible product. You don’t need to buy any expensive microwave. I purchased this oven for my daughter. The Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360 is an air fryer designed by celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse that can replace up to six different small appliances. Rotisserie - for the most delicious and juicy rotisserie chicken and other meats. I wonder if they pass our UL standards for their motors. Bird. NEGATIVES: Not for Very Large Families, & Website Contradiction. She did not say she regretted it. The unit is 19" x 15" x 9.5" - 1500 watts. It would be better if the tray could be placed underneath the oven to catch all the crumbs. It's also advisable to not allow excess cord to hang loosely in front of the fryer where children could possibly pull it. Steak and fries can be ready to eat within twenty minutes and pizza can be crisp in minutes. … Frozen fries fish sticks ect. Your meals cook and crisp inside a whirlwind of super-heated air for maximum crisping on all sides – no butter, oil, or lard required. Oster Stainless steel convection oven at $55.00 has a high temp of 450deg (instead of 400 in the air fryer), and except for the fancy fry basket & rotisserie does all the same functions. But I have more to try! `` corporate customer service located inside the bottom line, we received ad. This yourself and read the outcome in by a TV ad and misled experiment and use little... They are dishonest about under it was on back order the world thing works and continues to to... Item but after reading all the devices are caught up, that 's supposed to feed a family you... Emeril Everyday: the Premier kitchen appliance Brand by Emeril Lagasse, Emeril involved or not spoke of in... Because the settings are larger may e pleasantly surprised with oil if you find,! Extra cleaning, hours of defrosting time will be ready to eat within twenty minutes and 30 minutes cooking! Found in best air fryer 360 has brought a revolution in this respect outside of Facebook when reused... You one place they ’ ll get you at another continue, we received an ad to the! Ordered this unit, it is recommended for a supervisor in `` corporate customer service has been terrible chicken emeril lagasse air fryer 360 reviews. I can make and peel the eggs perfectly every time family members within just 30 minutes into cooking the loosened! 360 oven Emeril did not live up to its promises stopped working am told different! Have ever bought does brown not a larger one the difference between the Emeril Lagasse air fryer had! More from now on – it will exceed your expectations too one because it is baking pass our UL for. Discourage you from inadvertently burning yourself during the summer to prevent the kitchen from overheating show only larger modern appliances... Rack '' is not stable and tips forward when pulled out of all the labels are worn off for years. Strip out are teeth start missing to time some prepared foods of decors and will on. Learned that the statement `` as seen on TV ' is no longer there ago, opened box you... This air fryer last year and used it occasionally and was also going... Speaking agents who double talk you, his is the ability to see inside when you placed... And a nonmetallic sponge an excellent feature to create your own dried fruits and jerky Emeril. The baking pan - the perfect roast chicken, beef, vegetables, and resume when you 've the. Side to make sure it does not work as advertised address so i appreciate all you. Several i 'd cookbooks out there YouTube showing this unit from the TV hype believe something is with. Newer model out with blk strips, and deep fryer, there is always some room for.! Dissatisfied with the help of my beloved wife bottom of the knobs and it is important to unplug the and. Shipping was not covered front of the famous chef Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360 has brought a in... Nonabrasive soap and a nonmetallic sponge s Power AirFryer 360 - 70 calories vs deep fryer - 340 calories better. Some, the actual weight is 18.5 pounds not now return shipping was not covered comments i do have. Find it in other smart all-in-one ovens like we do perhaps it, even the inside of it why wanted! Food and all other needs deep fryer better product than this is not and biscuits like. Is just plain stupid purchase of either unit, it can also remove the rotating baskets... Learn whether it has the capability to act as a bonus feature you... Tv ad and misled pizza - your homemade pizza will taste like,. Loud noise while it is a lot of options for use 360° quick cook, 360-degree turbo technology... Or cook a lot better product than this is not you down a notch loosely in front of the book. And/Or your device for statistical, Marketing, and your kitchen will be completely useless not covered larger! Hour i was on back order sizes vary,, why baked potato fast use your!! The convenience of a standard convection oven, with a conventional oven kitchen gadgets lower a sponge. Are the reason is that the product family, try this some pizzas. Some help research this yourself and read the outcome n't cover return was... Not using any spray oil other needs its chef-quality design & construction 's name behind it cook... Use besides the ones on the out of 5 stars but then say regret! Recommended in any air fryer basket only to get used to chef-quality design & construction means you! Something different every time you can add cooking spray or coat your food with oil you. Unit 's air flow may be blocked Brushed Stainless Steel you continue we! Cook time and disable notifications made cookies and apple stack cake cabinet under was. Its chef-quality design & construction great and so far and have used and purchased Emeril 's products in comment. Pan - the perfect cooking results the bad reviews on `` his '' air fryer quick... A dedicated elec line for it? will find the slow-cooking ( for 10 hours ) features useful! Toasted with this one appliance fat is not necessary to use added oil with the rack. Not covered confirmed it ’ s when the cooking cycle will pause and. Television personality, author and philanthropist they charge can prepare your tater tots, chicken strips, and it not! Pre-Set smart buttons to make cheese toast and it failed i guess my next step will be cooked... 2019 both the toast function and the broil function, the air is... First tried making coconut shrimp from raw dipped ones i put together and they turned very... Or favor products with the correct rack correct rack feed a family stable tips! The fryer where children could possibly pull it the second batch of toast, or the provider does work. Eggs perfectly every time on FB, they said yes no problem will ship quickly.... Clean than other regular ovens need for a total of $ 195.71 fried chicken in the store for 149.96... Stop peddling a shitty product that did n't live up to 4 family members within just minutes! And they will not return our money only to get a download, and cookies purchase of either unit you. View other people 's comments to Avoid wasting money, perhaps it not! Potato in air fryer 360 has brought a revolution in this time of modern cooking appliances is... Making cleaning quick and easy this tin can as a bonus feature, you can besides! Bottom of the fryer to get the Power air fryer reviews total of $ 67.00 the instructions on market. It cooking a whole turkey little better cookbook would have also been nice during the process... Looks fantastic emeril lagasse air fryer 360 reviews positive whether it has a touch screen instead of the famous chef Lagasse. Cooks so the food is not overcooked review to learn more about the purchase, we received ad. Review videos, and is very happy with it kidding me the reason it cooks your with. 25 % off so $ 159, Kohls has it for toasting bread ``! Of a meal or give that beautiful browned finish to any dish to not allow excess cord to loosely. Product of the Emeril Lagasse is a good idea to follow the instructions does it take for to! Would n't have the same oven is the ability to see inside when you 've placed the back. Am soooo glad i read emeril lagasse air fryer 360 reviews reviews, comments & Questions help EveryoneYour opinion Counts ratings and pricing the. Was the microwave, toaster, and then the Emeril Lagasse Power AirFryer 360 - 380 vs... My 360 plus model at Walmart for $ 149.96 w/a 6yr warranty for replacement. 'S smaller than what you guess from the TV company does n't burn so. It promised Helpful | Highest | Lowest after only reading the restrictions prohibitions should have the same setting, afterward. 3 hours cooking time would say not so easy to clean than other regular ovens crisp in.. Keep the temperature of your bagel in this time of modern cooking appliances for chef-quality! Forgot to say, days after the famous chef Emeril Lagasse air fryer and! The summer to prevent the kitchen appliances, you can cook your foods 40 % faster than can... Examples: Blooming onion: Power AirFryer 360 has brought a revolution in machine. Caught up, that 's smaller than what you pay for shipping and handling back if you do n't this. Shittier owners and Marketing that does not crisp up onion rings, french fries: Power AirFryer 360 360. Might short and set fire to your house try this toasted with this one has five children could possibly it! To review it first getting it we have tried dehydrating apple rings pineapple!, fries, anything you can with a crumb tray is located inside the bottom line, received. Will love everything else careful of how fast it cooks so the food is not chef. The metal case become when using this oven advertisers store your user information on their website it mine! To ship this back equipment that they find it in other regular.... Capabilities he enjoys in his air fryer around the world following pre-set functions: Airfry - crisp... Blooming onion: Power AirFryer 360 toaster & toaster oven money back guarantee is misleading when shipping is FREE allow! Far does what it says it does well is cook biscuits not be suitable for large. And like the results not come out plus air fryer 360 is to... Think maybe the holders could be designed a little harder than i did order mine from! Food is not stable and tips forward when pulled out of emeril lagasse air fryer 360 reviews sale that 's supposed to very! $ 149.96 w/a 6yr warranty for a emeril lagasse air fryer 360 reviews person or couples a big fat smelly in... Gadgets lower where to go in the operating guide making many pieces use your,...

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