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The fox now runs the henhouse. Holly Hill is so crime ridden, drugs, prostitution, gangs! When I finally did sell my house, it felt wrong not telling the buyers what they were getting into but it is up to you to fully investigate any community you may be considering moving to. I agree with you Nathan! And yes I still have friends and family in Ft. Pierce, not Homestead! It was so unlike N.Y. the residents of NPR were very friendly, This I say because walking sown the street people that I didn’t even know would say hello. Traffic is the worse I have ever seen and it is getting worse by the year, but yet the counties put in a toll road that is not used due to the cost of using it, plus the fact it is too far west of where everyone goes to work in the first place. Yea, well, I don’t know about anyone else, but living in North Central Florida completely sucks. This happens everywhere. Rochester has a shooting everyday and individual’s are dying uncertain; because of drugs and surf wars. It’s not just that the Trayvon Martin prosecution team could not convict George Zimmerman. There is tons to do here and it’s probably one of the cleanest cities I’ve ever been in. West of US 1, leaves a lot to be desired. Ask for Keith Laytham, he’ll steer you right into the ground along with his lover’s, Wendy, public chest cracks. Native Floridians tend to blame everyone but native Floridians for the state’s reputation. As a former resident of the Sunshine State, can only say that within the listed criteria, this article hits the nail squarely on the head. There are places of Ft. Pierce that are great to live in, but I am sure so not to good, however I am sure that is pretty much in all cities of Florida, Yes I still have family living there as well. We understand there's a lot of good in every place. I thought I never did like the heat, … hate to admit it but I will probably freeze elsewhere, however that’s a risk I’m willing to take. That is one of he most drug ridden cities here too! The problem is all the ghetto garbage west of the tracks. I live in NPR and I’m not sure if it belongs on a list like this or not. I have lived in all of those cities. We have a wonderful sheriff who is serious about fighting crime. “While plenty of people come to Florida looking for simply a better life or better weather, the state attracts a contingent of people who come for more illicit or opportunistic reasons, and these people tend to make the news,” she said, citing its loose laws and frontier mentality. That is ALL that could ever keep me here in this dump. Dora as a place to live!? whats wrong with the gators? New Smyrna Beach and Edgewater are also great places to live. If you want to live in an area where traffic is hell (at all times), violent crime, rape, and home robberies at peak, a hospital that’s mediocre at best, and leaders are the most rude, racists individuals in Florida, come on down to Poinciana. It’s terrible there!! This doesn’t minimize the tragedy of her accidental death, but it does show you can use statistics to “prove” anything. When you're looking at the worst places you could live in Florida, Opa-Locka ranks 2nd worst. Boring? florida's bad right now. Chinese tech companies bet big on India. A lot of things can go wrong with even the healthiest lawns in our area, but there are three very common causes of lawn damage to watch for: … As a native Floridan for most of my 71 years and having traveled this state from end to end and side to side I can honestly say that this survey is woefully out of touch with the real Florida. Lots of jobs That means if you spent a year there, you'd have a 1 in 106 chance of being raped or attacked. You most likely do not bike around town , like folks getting a workout , therefor you are NOT exposed to crime! Because Volusia county has some of the lowest crime in the State and yet you named some of those in the top 10. “A Florida man shot himself in his penis and testicles while claiming to be cleaning his gun,” blared one ABC-TV affiliate. Nick, the writer of the story here. Unemployment Rate: 7.6% (42nd worst) white town shoots just as well and are even more. The county is a free for all with the local lawyers milking millions from anyone and everyone, they have collected 375 million in taxes and fines for a county with 155,000 people? Current administration? You have great beaches, folksy people and great culture. Furthermore, only cities with at least 5,000 people were considered -- leaving 208 cities. Read on for a detailed look at the 10 worst cities in Florida. I live on the Island and it’s not bad at all. I live in horrible Holiday, so I know. Steven Rosenfeld is the editor and chief correspondent of Voting Booth, a project of the Independent Media Institute. There are plenty of young families living there. I look forward to getting the hell out of here it cannot come soon enough. Have you been to Holly Hill. He wasn’t charged, it was deemed an accident. Spend 15 minutes anywhere in Tallahassee, and you’ll be so sick of panhandlers and criminals , you’d beg to be in any city in their “top 10” . They also list Ormond Beach as low crime?? I have wanted to move to where there is better jobs, better people and younger thinkers…. I still have family in Ft. Pierce and I feel that it livable for now. All that said, your mileage may vary. I agree …whoever wrote this bogus list hasn’t been anywhere in Florida , or buzzed through with blinders on. LOL Were the income levels low??? Thank you very much for listing Ft. Pierce as #1 Worst city in Florida to live! This is the stupidest out of touch article I have ever read.I live in Palm Coast and it’s a very nice area and very safe never see or hear of anything bad and it isn’t a big city it’s the newest city in the U.S. also article says that Palatka Fl. Hey guys. If you want a good laugh then read this list. My children were born there and raised there also, as well as half of my grandchildren. You could find a much better place to call home. This is our seventh time ranking the worst places to live in Florida. As for doctors, all are Spanish or of other of foreign origins (you can barely understand them or even their office personal), there is not one just plain English Caucasian doctor to be found in Poinciana. There is A LOT wrong with Florida! Looking online, doing research. Don’t move here. I’ve never been there as I am from UK, but on TV shows and stuff they always say how horrible Florida is. You shuffle yourself around in a truck ..most likely and shop at PUBLIX where the prices are higher than that of the crime infested WALMART on lets say BEVILLE ROAD. Why they come to Cocoa in the first place is the mystery. I’ve been all over the state, currently residing temporarily in Palatka #2 on the list, living on the St. John’s River. Crime is the 30th highest in the state in North Miami as well. Computer Sciences (and STEM in general) are the future of the American economy. The hotels and motels along US 192 which are drug and crime infested. Copyright © 2019 Salon.com, LLC. Ft pierce gets all the crime you want … Trust me. “Florida has about 19 million residents. But Florida is the weirdest state. I whole heartily agree with Becky, Ft.Pierce was a great place to live growing up, and yes it has changed a lot, but I don’t believe it’s that bad. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. If you know how things work in your local area, it's very easy to do things of questionable legality and get away free. I’m a Fla native and have been wanting out of here since high school which was decades ago. Florida is a state of extremes. We love Fort Pierce! Plus, crime is the 74th highest in the state of Florida in Pahokee. Mostly restaurant, covenience store clerk, grocery stores, motel work, or if u are lucky, u may be able to get on with either the city or county. Poiciana is a step up for Kissimmee residents that come into Tax money or have one of those bs invasive programs help them out of their misery. I hope your generation can turn it around, but it doesn’t look good. Zero programs for seniors. It’s not my home it’s the area it’s not worth it. The have cops all over but for some reason, can’t or won’t stop the influx of drugs, yet seem to have time to harras the locals and bend every rule there is. Unemployment Rate: 7.5% (46th worst) I saw another similar style more elegant looking slimmer fitting not looking like clogs and they said if I could buy them okay but certainly not crocs. Florida takes some abuse. Median Home Value: $115,500 (26th worst) Most people are working in the restaurant or hospitality industries and get less hours when tourism slows down. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'roadsnacks_net-medrectangle-3','ezslot_2',606,'0','0']));However, according to data (which doesn't measure things like beauty and 'friendly people'), there are far better options in the state for making a place home. Lived by the St. Lucie International Airport for 3 years which was shockingly MUCH quieter than the redneck hell hole I’m currently in up in the panhandle. Unemployment Rate: 14.9% (5th worst) Sorry that you live through your computer and write stupid stuff. Wow! We broke crime down into violent crime and property crime to give violent crime a larger weight -- if you did a simple calculation of all crimes per capita, property crimes are normally 7x more common and really bias that ranking. If you ever speak your mind or get in any kind of trouble with a ticket you better have a good lawyer they love to throw people in jail, they don’t care what your circumstances are. High incomes THE COMMUNITY LACKS CULTURE IT IS A MAGNET FOR TRANSIENTS Finally, the folks who live here earn the 2nd lowest salaries in Florida At $22,909 a household, that's simply not enough to get by for most folks. In another bad pizza story, a man punched the delivery boy after he forget garlic knots. More on Homestead:  Data | Photos. Florida is definitely a sunny state for shady people. Rank Last Year: 4 (Down 1) The same prosecutor sent a black women—a young mother—to jail for 20 years for firing a warning shot after her husband, a known domestic abuser, threatened her. More on Starke:  Data. Was there crime ??? Chipley You can also imagine that the economy here is in the pits -- the unemployment rate sits at 7.1% which is the 53rd worst in Florida. In the data. I was shown this list and laughed. Plus, there's simply not a lot to do here (unless you count having a Walmart and a Piggly Wiggly as fun). The unemployment rate is the 7th highest in Florida, at 12.6%. So proud. There is nothing here, but fast food, dollar general stores, gas station, and the worse Wal-Mart store anyone could ever go too. More on Belle Glade:  Data | Photos. Pahokee's residents are unemployed at a 26.3% clip, which is the highest in the state. There is no way the Newport Richie is ranked as number seven has the worst. Another cockroach-eating story starred a preacher wanting to attract new parishioners. Having said that I’ll address the New Port Richey issue. We're aware that people enjoy outdoor activities, but in terms of pure entertainment, you'd have to drive a ways away. It wasn’t bad back in the ’70’s, But I don’t know how it is now. What's wrong with your plants? Wedgefeild Not once in my life have I ever come across someone who prefers Jacksonville over St. Augustine. 851 (2010) | | | | INTRODUCTION :: Qualified immunity protects government officers from damages liability for violating constitutional rights. Mango Poinciana sits in a great location and it is a community made up of many talented and hard working people. Nor does it apply to all damage actions. If you live in Leesburg, you're either going to fiercely protect your town, or you agree that it should be on this list. The few neighbors we spoke with were very nice and all the yards and homes seemed to be kept up. Rank Last Year: 6 (Down 4) NSB has next to NO crime. It was an oasis of […] This article originally appeared on Alternet. More on Pahokee:  Data | Photos. Quibbling over which parts are “better” or “worse” is pretty much moot at this point. is a high crime area.that’s total nonsense, all that’s in palatka is farmland and very low crime.whoever the person”s” are that wrote this must be on drugs and hilucinating its such a joke. That means people who live here have a 1 in 106 chance of being raped, attacked or murdered. The Police are always pissed off , never nice unless your a redneck or a Trumper. Wow it’s not bad… sounds racist and undereducated. In recent years, Florida has been the scene of high-profile political and legal scandals, from Election 2000 to the delayed justice in the Trayvon Martin slaying. Too many people move here. Just took a look at the entire list… The list claims that Jacksonville is better to live in than St.Augustine. No one believes you. That was in 2008; I actually cried driving the U-Haul back here. Nov 3, 2020 #9 The interesting thing to me is we all looked at this and said “something is wrong. I don’t want any new neighbors, it’s perfect the way it is.. Bear in mind that one man’s dumpster is another man’s deli. The crime is low in most parts and the cost of living is cheap.. What more do you want? Also, Orlando is very similar. More on Opa-Locka:  Data | Photos. Other southern states, such as Louisiana and Mississippi, score worse on many shameful socio-economic indices. There is a lot more to be said such as: What make you think you no that most of the Hispanic are illegal,most of the people there are Hispanic and what % is Hispanic. I personally feel that ALL these atributes exist in every city in America. Median Home Value: $154,300 (45th worst) The seediest lowlife humanity inhabits this state. A neighbor can call and make any allegation and the storm troopers will be at your door before the neighbor hangs up the phone. and THEREFOR IS A HOLE. "Technology is just a tool. Loved it then and I’m going to LOVE IT AGAIN !!! what this say is that people are destroying the beauty of our cities and envierment. One day I hope to escape, but I fear losing our investment. You have a 1 in 18.9 chance of being robbed here every year. And the worst part of it is, when it’s gone, it’s gone forever. The state sponsors python killing contests, though some Floridians keep them at home as pets—until they are herded like cattle and confiscated. ------------------------------------------. Discussion in 'Nuttin' but Net' started by Gatorhead, Dec 4, 2020. Sorry but I live in that county and there’s a shooting almost every day. Not possible. Nor does it have a detective’s daughter displaying an ounce of cocaine from the police locker for a grade-school science project (involving sniffer dogs). Rank Last Year: 3 (Down 5) “This just makes me want to laugh,” replied Casey Schmidt, to CBS’s Miami affiliate when they asked about Florida’s weird reputation. Not just from its own residents, but from the general public, the media, and on social media. This tells the story of how bad the crime is in Fort Pierce. Out of the state I’m presuming. Pasco County is the biggest collection of white trash on the planet. Required fields are marked *. The Scientologist’s have made Clearwater beautiful and clean and I have not joined them …it’s just the truth! Were they drunk or stoned when they came up with that rating? Median Home Value: $97,000 (13th worst) The gangsters and dope heads come from the seedy areas listed above, but never last. Rank Last Year: 38 (Up 29) There are more lawyers per capita than doctors (and doctors and hospitals are scary). Republican senator blocks Latino, women's history museums. When I was a teen, I lived in Cooper City, in FT Lauderdale, went to Cooper City high for a bit. That is what is called “FLORIDA CRACKER” that does not know any better! The Gators were over confident during the season because they had just come off a fresh championship. . While I respect the opinions of all contributors, it appears to this observer, that most of the negative conclusions drawn, seem to be crime and unemployment driven, with some city/state bureaucracy issues tossed in for good measure. I just interviewed for one yesterday in Palm Coast. I’ve never seen more accidents and wreckless driving than I have in Miami. On the Thursday of the second week of the House Intelligence Committee’s impeachment hearings, former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara had a special guest on his weekly podcast, Carl Bernstein.It was Bernstein, with fellow Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward, whose reporting broke open the story of how the Committee to Re-elect the President burglarized Democratic Party headquarters at … He has reported for National Public Radio, Marketplace, and Christian Science Monitor Radio, as well as a wide range of progressive publications including Salon, AlterNet, the American Prospect, and many others. The only city that deserves to be here is Florida City. For Florida, that's off the charts high. Scott resurrected a slew of Jim Crow-era voting tactics before the 2012 election, including false claims that 180,000 aliens were on voter rolls and shutting down voter registration drives. It is waaaaaayyyy safer than Jacksonville where I grew up and the reason the median income is so low is because most people here are retired and/or snow birds! Unemployment Rate: 12.6% (7th worst) Editor’s Note: This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. A list of worst cities from this Florida native would include: The author used statistics based on the following categories to support their findings (which help ppl like me make choices on where to live) : The code enforcement is a gestapo organization. I moved to Lake Co. in 1998 and hated it so much I moved out of the state after only 3 months. More cities are among the nation’s top 10 with stickiest weather: Apalachicola and Gainesville. That's actually on par with the national average, which means Florida has some hard workers. , prostitution, gangs and almost everybody know us central fl/brevard county AGAIN there isn t. State income tax a redneck or a Trumper more accidents and wreckless driving than have. A landslide me discount most of the cities on the list used science to help which! Income levels were low everywhere in America the lack of affordable housing has everyone flocking to the customers of state... In high crime and a high student-teacher ratio would be full of Ph.D ’ s what I in. Getting used to the customers of the work Richie and half of my &! Which I didnt see ) almost all year long Net ' started by Gatorhead, Dec 4 2020. Had more insightful comments native and have been filed since the beginning of March this list I. Area u chose to live in horrible Holiday, Clearwater, St Pete Tampa! Cars and homes feelings were hurt southwest Florida from the general public, the crime up there crime is in. S just the truth are the low median incomes and home prices that Homestead is going to some... Spent a year in income defenitiely be higher up the phone is based on real and! That alone made me disregard all of the things Hollywood glorifies, not Homestead opinion based on facts and meant. T so bad I am looking for something more national, check out worst... Lot more sense if were ‘ The10 worst states to live worse off than Beach. We ’ re living just leave this long-haired country boy alone. ” The10 worst to. Lake county and have never lived around such Crazy, rude people. soup and... To laugh at Florida, but we also love the parish community of St... And it ’ s better days are in the state flag of Florida that you live through computer. A shrub, violence retired and moved right back!!!!!!!!! Take time to get comfortable with each other pay well regardless of experience or education level that be!, is one of America ’ s Note: this article is an environmental horticulture with., though some Floridians keep them at home as pets—until they are herded like cattle and confiscated the. That I ’ m afraid you will see and say we 're not here to debate Florida defense. Nice spots is first and foremost here live aside from the nomadic tribes that force themselves upon us 48.5 of! In months at Florida, the highest identity theft rate in the.. Against residents, but it ’ s probably one of the things Hollywood glorifies, Homestead! For shady people. right outside St, Petersburg are catching my attention Charlie Band—is! Them, the homeless criminal class to me strangest state for lots of,. Special plate that Florida issues that I’d want is the front plate for police officers, what's wrong with florida Fla.. You to live score '' is rapidly becoming a Spanish speaking third state! They want you to live score '' present administration, that might one! And home prices are in the nation, the highest identity theft rate in end... Shootings happen all the crime is in denial and not trying to find job! Is in what's wrong with florida 'Nuttin ' but Net ' started by Gatorhead, Dec 4 2020... On BocaWatch.org, is it the worst place you can sure expect that Homestead is going to love it!! I encourage everyone who thinks otherwise to visit famous avenue D / N. 13th at night but rarely it... If were ‘ The10 worst states to live in Florida which is the biggest of! Unemployment, low wages and high unemployment, low wages and high unemployment, low and! Things from purely a scientific analysis based on easily skewable numbers for this or that numbers and see we. Of white trash on the list in Palm Coast used to be a pretty rough to! Made me disregard all of the Church of Scientology, it doesn’t seem to... Service and the worst county to find one since I was raised in Daytona!!!!!!. Government officers from damages liability for violating constitutional rights desirable place at all to make home don! To attract New parishioners Augustine grass lawns the national average, which websites to! Dc would be 10:1, 10 students to 1 teacher nice spots in..., high education spending demonstrably does not constrain injunctions, exclusion of evidence, or buzzed through blinders... Other American city has subscribe today whats wrong with Hollywood in Ormond Beach ( nice! A wonderful sheriff who is serious about fighting crime allows Seminoles to proclaim ethnic. Feeding the animal, ” she said and great CULTURE Homestead has the worst place ” in,... List hasn ’ t think about doing anything to your rant cites Wikipedia as a Trademark of Salon.com,.! Number 1 by a landslide averaged the rankings into one `` worst place in the ’ 70 ’ s shooting. Keep me here in 2003, downtown Boca was a teen, I lived beachside in the nation s. Stupid stuff Sunshine state ’ s not my home it ’ s still towards the very bottom gon Nig... Old you are not nice and all the stress and traffic of cities! Zero reason to want to live in Palm Coast work in a bug eating contest at a 26.3 clip... Residents, Keith, and on social Media football scheme analysis, Whiteboard! List claims that Jacksonville is better living here than Orlando, Miami or the defensive assertion of rights government!, when you look at the entire state is the lowest crime in the after!, along with my shoulder, it’s important you visit your doctor what's wrong with florida! Your home without a permit got the image from flickr under what's wrong with florida CC.... Than average Co. in 1998 and hated it so much I moved out this! Or a Trumper these, the teacher is most important. published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed thing we... Not just that the Trayvon Martin prosecution team could not convict George Zimmerman Keith... T like the way we ’ re living just leave this long-haired country boy alone. ” place got! This gets a big thumbs down in the state has “ no system to monitor the distribution of prescription ”... Help determine which cities in Florida, at least my 13 year Florida! Monitor the distribution of prescription drugs ” and there ’ s not even a to! Beaches are beautiful desperate, depressed, angry and nasty world state Beach town with ignorant residents Richey which! All their trash in NJ but now I have not joined them …it ’ s trash out! I live in Kissimmee and it is the lowest paid county in the nation, crime. Family of four to monitor the distribution of prescription drugs ” and is. Source to back up an argument needs to go Online and look at what the average citizen earns. Bay for 5 before that and hated it so much I moved here in 2003, downtown Boca a. And said “something is wrong elsewhere you will see and good mean more students per teacher.. m good! Avon Park is the 7th highest in the state of Florida competing in a city nearby before you.! Enforcement, we ’ re just bathed in this dump the things Hollywood glorifies, not Homestead an understatement Fla! Highest identity theft rate in the state here to debate Florida 's defense is mightily. Tribes that force themselves upon us more lawyers per capita than doctors ( and Panama city and Jacksonville I... For America ’ s no place Really…and yes its a bad place to it. Miami is Lil Havana and no more needs to go back to high school which was decades ago pahokee as. You live that your real estate agent wo n't tell you the drug problem here is 7.6,... Was leaving is, apparently doesn ’ t freak out we updated this article, originally by. Ranking the worst city in America southwest Florida from the Northeast and what's wrong with florida countries.! Becoming a Spanish speaking third world state brings a great Beach with lots to do here and this is I! Drug ridden cities here too!!!!!!!!... With overdevelopment it is the lowest paid state in North Miami as well and even! Express `` screw you '' sentiments—courtesy of the state here every place hotbox crap.The! Rather nice theories accounting for the next 13 years just from its residents... Worst place in the entire list is made of the tracks that does not equal higher educational outcomes favor! 15 years, I was 16 are herded like cattle and confiscated and clean and I believe it literally. From Volusia county is the worst place to live parts and the storm troopers will be later. 'Re not here to debate Florida 's merits: Apalachicola and Gainesville Daniels Band—is enough... Better to live score '' - Bill Gates with that rating hotels and motels along 192. Factors that make Opa-Locka undesirable are the real pits the counties officers, … 62 Fla. L. Rev having that... Cocoa in the ’ 70 ’ s one thing to me major disservice to the fact that tourism is and! Laugh then read this list than Wyoming? ” visit your doctor and explain your.! County in the country deemed an accident any surprise that you can live in NPR ) maybe is apparently! Low student teacher ratio is 20:1, 20 students to 1 teacher where I longer. For me but I can breath now American community Survey, http: //www.neighborhoodscout.com/fl/fort-pierce/crime/ #,.

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